Thursday 14 March 2013

Cancer Crossing - UPDATE!

We continue to interview and photograph cancer patients/caregivers/survivors and doctors for project 'Cancer Crossing'. 

If you have ever taken a cross country road trip, you know that there are 'Points of Interest' along the way.  The 'Points of Interest' exist to inform you of a notable event that has occurred at that location.  If you take a country like Canada for example, put all the 'Points of Interest' together and look at them as a whole, they will tell you a very comprehensive tale of the history of Canada.

Our 'Cancer Crossing' interviews are much like 'Points of Interest' along a cancer journey.  Each patient/caregiver/survivor and doctor has experienced what we call 'the perspective shift'.  It's that singular moment when your life's path is crossed by cancer, and your outlook on life is suddenly and forever changed. 
The perspective shift appears to be larger with a cancer diagnosis than the perspective shifts that occur with other major life events like job loss and divorce, for example.  Perhaps because cancer has a stigma attached to it - 'no cure'.  Sure, there are cancer survivors who remain cancer free years, or decades after treatment, but even cancer survivors always wonder, 'what if...'

The life lived after a cancer diagnosis, is a life lived differently forever - in a good way.  'Cancer Crossing' tells you how.

There have been many laughs shared and many tears shed so far.  These stories and impressive black and white photographs will begin as an e-book.  Net proceeds will go towards cancer patient support services and production of soft and hard cover copies.  Net proceeds from soft and hard cover book sales will also go to cancer patient support services.   Ultimately, we would like to be able to produce a 'Cancer Crossing' booklet, to be handed to each and every cancer patient upon diagnosis, as a companion for their journey.

The project will have other aspects that we are working on but are not ready to reveal yet.  Stay tuned!

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