Wednesday 8 October 2014


Did you know that in the City of Winnipeg, street parking is $1.00 per hour near Red River Community College's downtown campus, but is $2.00 per hour near the McDermot entrance to CancerCare Manitoba? 

This is only one example of increased expenses cancer patients face during the greatest battle of their lives. The number of hours a cancer patient spends getting tested, seeing their doctor(s) and getting treatment adds up fast - as do the expenses.

Cancer Crossing is mobilizing to help with these expenses! Our initial seed fund is in place (we could use more donations - please help our cause!), our e-book is close to ready and we are putting together a team that will be developing the criteria for patients to access funds to assist with their expenses.

We are working hard which is why our posts are few and far between but big things are coming! Stay tuned and thank you from Cancer Crossing for your continued support!

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