Tuesday 6 February 2018


Cancer Crossing has assisted a Winnipeg man in his 50's who has lung cancer. He is self employed and as a result of his diagnosis leading to many doctors appointments, treatments and subsequent complications, he has been unable to work for a significant period of time - leading to the draining of his savings. His self-employed status has resulted in his inability to claim certain benefits.
Cancer Crossing is pleased we could help this gentleman with some financial assistance to aid in his transportation and medication costs.
Please support our cause so we can continue to assist cancer patients! We are receiving many requests.
Cheques may be mailed to Cancer Crossing Inc., 1-1660 Kenaston Blvd., PO Box 70029, Winnipeg, MB R3P 0X6
Buying our book 'Cancer Crossing' at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, The Unexpected Gift in Winnipeg, Accucare Canada in Winnipeg and on Amazon worldwide will help us!
100% of your donation goes to cancer patients. We are all volunteers and all of our operating expenses are paid by Sponsors.
Thank you so much and please remember to let cancer patients know we are here to assist - they can message us through Facebook, e-mail us at info@cancercrossing.com or send a written request by mail.


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