Tuesday 3 April 2018


Follow up post!
Saturday, December 30th was a dark, and bitter cold evening but inside Winnipeg's Park Theatre, Brooke Palsson put on a concert to benefit Cancer Crossing that no one will forget.
A woman in her 20's commented: 'Best fundraising event in 3-4 years! The music was great, the people warm and receptive to the message'.
Both Brooke and her father Dan (Dan is in the plaid shirt) spoke with elegance and passion about Cancer Crossing, specifically about how we help cancer patients who are struggling financially, people who have 'fallen in the cracks' of the system.
To see a daughter and father so united was inspiring to see.
A couple who came out to support the effort commented: 'Even though it was something like -40 or -44C with the wind-chill and we had never heard of Brooke Palsson or Keith Macpherson, we headed out to the concert. First time we had been to the Park Theatre and really enjoyed the venue. Keith was great and we enjoyed his performance and energy. Brooke was awesome, we actually sat with one of her cousins and had a lot of fun. Brooke has an amazing voice!!! Looking forward to getting her new release when it comes out this year'.
Thank you Brooke from everyone at Cancer Crossing for thinking of us. 100% of your donation will go to support cancer patients who are struggling financially.

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