Sunday 17 January 2021


Cancer Crossing has assisted a Winnipeg woman with Multiple Myeloma.  She has co-morbidities which required her to stop working at which point she received her cancer diagnosis.

She is collecting CPP retirement but this is not a great amount and is having challenges accessing CPP disability.  Her spouse is collecting CPP, OAS and is eligible for GIS.  She is having difficulties accessing medication for her pain.  She is enrolled in Pharmacare but has not reached her deductible and has no private coverage.  The cost of medication is a financial burden so Cancer Crossing has made a contribution towards her medication costs as she works towards achieving her deductible.    

Cancer Crossing helps those who 'fall between the cracks'.

Please support our cause so we can continue to assist cancer patients! We are receiving many requests.

Cheques may be mailed to Cancer Crossing Inc., 1-1660 Kenaston Blvd., PO Box 70029, Winnipeg, MB R3P 0X6 or you can contribute by PayPal on our website.

Buying our book 'Cancer Crossing' at AccuCare Canada, 400 Tache in Winnipeg or at The Unexpected Gift, 564 Osborne Street, Unit 2, in Winnipeg helps cancer patients too. You can also buy a book through us directly at

100% of your donation goes to cancer patients. We are all volunteers and all of our operating expenses are paid by Sponsors.

Thank you so much and please remember to let cancer patients know we are here to assist - they can message us through Facebook, e-mail us at or send a written request by mail.

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