Sunday 14 July 2013

Angels for Talia

Dear 'Cancer Crossing' Friends,

A young girl needs your thoughts and prayers. 
She is barely 13 and has been battling cancer for 6 years.
We have no direct connection to her but have been following her story for over a year now.
She lives in the United States and aspires to be a make up artist.
She has a YouTube Channel called 'Taliajoy18'.  You can go to YouTube and view her videos if you are interested.

The purpose of this post is to ask you to 'Like' the Facebook Page, 'Angels for Talia' (if you have Facebook).
Talia has been in the hospital a couple of months now.  She is very, very, ill.
On the 'Angels for Talia' Facebook page you can learn more about her and will also find her Bucket List.
Since last week, people all over the globe have been doing items on her Bucket List and sending the photos in for Talia to see.   Those photos are on the Facebook page as well.

No one should have to deal with cancer, let alone a child.  Talia has been so incredibly positive, energetic and inspirational through all of this.   Just view one of her YouTube videos for a couple of minutes and you will see.
Please 'Like' the 'Angels for Talia' page and send her your thoughts and prayers.  Maybe you will be inspired to complete an item on her Bucket List and know you have helped to make a young girls wish come true.

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