Thursday, 29 August 2019


Cancer Crossing has assisted a Manitoba Interlake woman with Stage IV lung cancer.
She requires a trip to Winnipeg to meet with her Oncologist to review treatment options and will need to travel to Winnipeg for future appointments as well.
Her husband has health issues of his own and his care has exhausted a significant portion of their household income leaving very limited funds for rent and basic necessities.
She would like to sign up for a transportation service to access her appointments in Winnipeg but the fee of $200 is beyond her reach.

Cancer Crossing has made a contribution to this patients transportation service fee so that she can access her appointments in Winnipeg.

Cancer Crossing helps those who 'fall between the cracks'.

Please support our cause so we can continue to assist cancer patients! We are receiving many requests.
Cheques may be mailed to Cancer Crossing Inc., 1-1660 Kenaston Blvd., PO Box 70029, Winnipeg, MB R3P 0X6
Buying our book 'Cancer Crossing' at The Unexpected Gift in Winnipeg, Accucare Canada in Winnipeg and on Amazon worldwide will help us!

100% of your donation goes to cancer patients. We are all volunteers and all of our operating expenses are paid by Sponsors.

Thank you so much and please remember to let cancer patients know we are here to assist - they can message us through Facebook, e-mail us at or send a written request by mail.

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