Wednesday 25 October 2023


The snow is gently falling, the air is getting crisper, our minds are turning to soups and crockpot meals. Why not get your vegetables from Cancer Crossing?

We are doing the Peak of the Market vegetable fundraiser!
The small bag of Vegetables is $15 and you get
2 lbs of Carrots, 5 lbs of Red Potatoes and 2 lbs of Yellow Onions
The large bag is $25 and you get
3 lbs of Carrots, 10 lbs of Red Potatoes and 3 lbs of Yellow Onions,
1 lb of Parsnips and 1 head of Green Cabbage.
Once we sell $1,000.00 worth of vegetables, Cancer Crossing gets 50% of the proceeds (for example, at $1,000.00 in vegetable sales, Cancer Crossing gets $500.00; at $1,200.00 in vegetable sales, Cancer Crossing gets $600.00 and so on).
The great thing is if you don't need or want vegetables, you can still make a purchase and the vegetables can be donated to someone you know or a food bank of your choice.
Deadline for orders is November 18/23
You can order here
(Click on 'Buy a Bundle'; when it comes time to Check Out, under School/Daycare choose Cancer Crossing; check the box that is hard to see under the Province 'I am placing a Community Order...')
You will get your order around November 30th.
Cancer Crossing is 100% operated by volunteers. There are no paid staff, and all operating expenses are sponsored so you can be sure that whatever proceeds Cancer Crossing gets from Peak of the Market actually go to a cancer patient in need.
Thank you for your support!

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