Tuesday 20 February 2024


Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since we have posted a patient assist. We continue to provide financial assistance to cancer patients on a weekly basis but due to lack of human resources we cannot keep this blog updated! We keep vowing to do better so hopefully sometime soon we can fulfill that promise to ourselves.

Cancer Crossing has assisted a gentleman in the far north who has renal cancer. He is on chemo and is employed as a chef at a local homeless shelter. He has no benefits of any sort with this job and when he gets his treatment, he gets quite ill and has to miss work which is taking a financial toll. Furthermore, he is finding the cost of healthy food and over the counter medications to alleviate his symptoms are becoming out of reach for him and he could use a bit of help.

Cancer Crossing has assisted this gentleman with funds to help him buy some healthy food and OTC medication.

Cancer Crossing helps those who 'fall between the cracks'.

Please support our cause so we can continue to assist cancer patients! We are receiving many requests.

Cheques may be mailed to Cancer Crossing Inc., 1-1660 Kenaston Blvd., PO Box 70029, Winnipeg, MB R3P 0X6 or you can contribute on our website at cancercrossing.com

Buying our book 'Cancer Crossing' at The Unexpected Gift, 564 Osborne Street, Unit 2, in Winnipeg helps cancer patients too. You can also buy a book through us directly at info@cancercrossing.com

100% of your donation goes to cancer patients. We are all volunteers and all of our operating expenses are paid by Sponsors.

Thank you so much and please remember to let cancer patients know we are here to assist - they can message us through Facebook, e-mail us at info@cancercrossing.com or send a written request by mail.

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  1. Hey! I just wanted make a quick comment on behalf of someone. Diane Cousins, is a bully and tormented someone at her old work place CancerCare along with her mom Geri, all adults by the way for 15+ years. Shame on you for having someone like this as part of your organization. There are countless stories, witnesses and evidence against her. She even mistreated patients as well. How did she get away with it for so long? Her mom was on the board and part of the union. Shame on you!!