Monday 28 January 2013

Shaking off the impact

We continue to interview cancer patients/survivors/caregivers. We want to understand how cancer has shifted their perspective on life and what they are learning/have learned from the experience. It is amazing how different the stories are.

It makes sense given how different each person is - we all come from different social, cultural and religious backgrounds. Each persons life experiences combine to create a certain character, that evolves as ones life unfolds. When cancer strikes, it's like a wall has risen up from the ground and we hit it full on and fall back, then try to shake off the impact.

You can't imagine you can deal with this yet you do. Not only do you deal with it but your persona, your character, your 'vibe' are forever changed. Cancer Crossing recounts these stories of change. Net proceeds from book sales will go to cancer patient support services.

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