Monday 4 February 2013

Dan and Accomplishments

Here we have Dan and his loving wife Roxane.  Dan is a survivor of testicular cancer.  His cancer left him with a profound change in how he views life.  As he says of his new approach "Maybe now is the time to start fighting for more accomplishments". 

Maybe we should all be fighting for more accomplishments every day.  Perhaps we could learn from Dan's experience.  

How can we put Dan's experience to work for us?  The first step would be to define what an accomplishment means to you.  For some it may mean self-improvement such us quitting smoking or losing weight or doing away with procrastination.  For others it might mean starting a new business venture or creating a large scale work of art.

Accomplishments can happen on any scale though.  They can be simple and you can achieve many in a day. 
Try promising yourself that for one day, you will smile and nod acknowledgement when you make eye contact with someone. 
Maybe for 7 days in a row, you initiate an e-mail or phone call to someone in your life you haven't heard from in awhile, just to say hello and ask how they are doing, rather than wondering whatever happened to them.  Most likely nothing happened to them and as John Lennon once said 'Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans'.  In effect, John's words mean we often forget to live in the moment.  It's at a pivotal point in time such as an illness or a tragic accident when many stop and realize they have forgotten to live in the moment.  How many times have you heard someone, or even yourself say, 'Where has the time gone?' 

Stop now, look around you and whatever you see, smile, because living life, moment by moment, whether it's a good moment or a not so good moment, is a grand accomplishment, because you are aware.  Let's vow to be aware of the passage of time and use each moment we have in a way that feeds, rather than diminishes, the core of our being.  We can all do this and what an accomplishment it would be!

Thank you Dan!

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