Tuesday 12 February 2013

'Hope is by our side'

A cancer diagnosis comes with a whole lot of uncertainty.  You don't know how you will respond to treatment, you don't know how you will manage the demands of your day to day life.  Understandably, what you end up with is a great deal of stress.  For those with children, compound that stress exponentially. 

You grapple with how you will tell your child you have cancer.   You want your child to be able to carry on with their own life (school, activities, social life, homework) without your cancer being a cloud over them while you go through the process of treatment, and wherever your cancer journey takes you, but how can you ensure that?  Truthfully, you can't.  What you can do is hope that they have hope, and that hope will carry them through. 

What exactly is hope?  Hope is present every day in our lives whether we are aware of it or not.  We hope we will have a good day at work, or at school.  We hope the weather will be good for our vacation,  we hope to have funds for retirement or hope the new recipe we are trying is a success.  Hope is innate in humans but sometimes it gets shaky.  Sometimes you have a run of bad luck - you get in a fender bender, or get caught by a red light camera.  You break your hip and/or your phone breaks.  You find out someone close to you is very ill.   How can you find the hope you so desperately need?  Where is it?

We at Cancer Crossing want to thank our friend Colleen for directing us to this video by 12 year old Capri who was so devastated when she was told her Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She dealt with her emotions through writing this song, HOPE,  which she dedicated to her Mom and to all the other children out there who have had to watch their mothers go through such a battle.  As Capri says, 'Hope is by our side'.  We hope you enjoy this video of Capri performing her song, HOPE.

Hope is the unfelt embrace around you, when you think you are all alone.

(Net proceeds from project Cancer Crossing will go to cancer patient support services in Canada).

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